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Master Vocabulary Words

Click on the link below to register to learn our 2400 vocabulary words! 

→ After you register, you will be quizzed on 1400 core words, in groups of 100 words.  As part of the quizzes, you will learn 1000 significant alternative forms of the core words.   

→ You will be able to switch among the different 100-word groups at any time.  The software will remember your progress in each of the word groups. 

→ Our software will teach you the words by quizzing you repeatedly on unfamiliar words until you know them.   The quizzes are designed explicitly  for speed.   The software allows you to modify the repetition settings to suit your learning style.

→ Our word list is designed for students who are preparing for standardized tests and for adults who want to increase their confidence and performance in the workplace. 

→ Your registration entitles you to one year of access to our website for only $39.00.  

You will be able to pay easily and securely with PayPal.  Intensive Writing will not have access to your credit card information.  

→ For more information about our program, try our Free Practice or click on How it Works, Our Vocabulary List, or Help.   

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