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About Our Vocabulary List

The screen on the left shows a sample word list that our online vocabulary program customizes specifically to the student's needs.

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Our word list is meant for students and adults who do not want to be surprised with unfamiliar words on standardized tests or on the job.  

→ We offer a hand-picked list of words that high school students, college students, and adults should know to excel on standardized tests and in the workplace.   Our list is ideal for everyone from advanced middle-school students to adults.          

Standards for including words

  • We have built our word list one word at a time from old standardized tests and from words appearing in books, newspapers, magazines, and books. 

  • We include a word on our list if we believe the word is in sufficiently common use to be a likely candidate for a standardized test or for general business or professional use.

  • We avoid highly specialized words, such as words relating to specialized activities or professions.    

Our words

  • Our list contains 1400 core words.  Those words are the direct subject of our quizzes.  Each of the 1400 words in our collection is unique; we do not include alternative forms of the words in the collection.  Nor do we include obvious opposites, such as words formed with "un" or "non" or another such prefix.  Our collection is designed specifically for efficient learning.  

  • Our list includes another 1000 words that are significant alternative forms of the core words.  We display those alternative forms as part of the quiz responses for the core words.  (We avoid displaying alternative forms that we feel are obvious, such as past tenses and participles, in addition to opposites). 

  • Our word list also provides synonyms for most of our 1400 core words.  By reviewing those synonyms, users can learn hundreds of additional words.    


To assess the quality of our vocabulary list, just give our program a try! 


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